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This time of year always feels tough for me. Even when good things are happening, do you ever get that weird feeling that something is wrong? Nobody talks about how you can have all these confusing thoughts in your head and want to open up about them, but no matter what, you just can’t find the right words to express them. The frustration of feeling misunderstood, not just by others, but by yourself. Feeling like you need a break from people needing you because you need you... All of the feels, not enough space.

This year I’ve learned that sometimes when things don’t happen the way we want them to, it’s just life’s way of redirecting us towards something even more aligned. I’m grateful for all of life’s lessons and experiences that have helped me trust and love myself more, even in June.  Sending love to everyone feeling things they can’t put into words and love to the friends and family who are patient with them. We are in this together.

I present to you We Are Alive! (Playlist 25). Link in bio, but get the full experience on Soundcloud.

We Are Alive! (Playlist 25) Tracklisting:
1. Terrace Martin & Alex Isley - Paradise
2. Rae Khalil - Is It Worth It
3. Nail - Come n’ Go
4. Destin Conrad - Same Mistake (Acoustic) feat. Alex Isley
5. Kenji = waiting feat. 3ee
6. Grimm Lynn - Whateva U Need
7. Childish Gambino - III. Urn
8. Nali - 4 U
9. Destin Conrad - Life Been Lifin’
10. Shay Lia - Atterrissage
11. Gwen Bunn - 2manythings (Sai T Remix)
12. Schoolboy Q - Blueslides
13. Liv.e - I Been Livin
14. James Tillman - Casual Encounters
15. MaZz - Angel Numbers
16. Millkzy - Russian Roulette (I Adore U)
17. Hiatus Kaiyote - Red Room
18. Yazmin Lacey - Flylo Tweet