#eye #eye

Photography by Alex Harper.
Styling by Mecca Cox
Hair by Errin Thorton
Creative Direction Steven Othello
Artwork by Nick Labombarda 


If it’s one thing I took away from last year is that it’s about the process, not the results.

As like many of us, Shelley has been focused on the process, taking the time to work on himself. He’s also been working on his upcoming album with intention.
For the album roll out, I wanted to focus on Shelley’s truest sense of self and growth. With the album cover, Shelley’s hair creatively spells out his birth name in length, courtesy of stylist Errin Thorton. Also, at the time of the idea, we couldn’t get our hair cut or styled which sparked the idea of new growth.

I also asked myself how can Shelley express himself during a time of isolation, and came up with the idea of “The Shelley Show.” The best way for an artist to express themselves is to create their own world to display, and that’s what “The Shelley Show” is. It features him cooking, performing and also interviewing himself and those closest to him (LVRN).