#eye #eye

Design & Creative direction by Steven Othello.
Photography by Ramshah kanwal.


It’s rare that a word or a phrase transcends its form and leaves an imprint on you. “AFRICONIC” does that because it embodies being Black and our mentality.

The minute I heard Kwasi Kessie say that word, I knew we had to do something with it. Around that same time, we sat down to watch The Jessie Owens film. I was inspired by the collegiate attire from that era.

I’ve always been one to create with intention, with that in mind and with inspiration from the movie, I wanted to create a signature piece for Kwasi that translated higher than simply being a piece of clothing. I wanted to make a staple piece around us–our culture–and that’s what AFRICONIC is.

Link: http://www.shop-kwasikessie.com/shop