#eye #eye

Designed by Belchez & Steven Othello.


I had an idea to take old Ikea furniture and reupholster it with highend leather print. Belchez took that idea made it into a reality. I had the oppurtunity to curate Ice Water’s first presentation alongside belchez at NVISION Fest. Seeing an idea that’s been swirling in your mind finally come to fruition is an amazing feeling. Belchez turns ideas into reality. When we all connect there’s nothing we can’t do.

ICE WATER Studios is collective of creatives who are constantly thriving off of self-expression through different art mediums. We explore the various relationships between fashion, art, photography and music.

As a collective, our multi-disciplinary team produces everything in-house; from research, development, communication, and content production.

At ICE WATER Studios, it all starts with an idea and a real relationship with the culture that surrounds us.